List of Different Headphones with Different Purposes

Headphones or earphones are not just for the purpose of listening to music. Do you know that there are different headphones with different purposes that you can choose?

You can read down below the different types of headphones with different purposes:

DJ Headphones

This is the number one placeholder because mostly headphones are being used by DJs! Disc jockeys are mostly the people who really are enjoying using this because this is how they will be properly hearing the music they are mixing.

Wireless Headphones

The purpose of this is for easy use. The headphones will be connected with the source devices usually via bluetooth and look very appealing to users. This can be used by different people like professionals, athletes and commuters.


Gaming Headphones

The gaming headphones can be used for PC games or console games. You must determine this first since the PC gaming headphones may not work well with the consoles because of lack of required functionalities. Comfort should be considered as well in choosing gaming headphones because they will be worn for hours.

Studio Headphones

The studio headphones are the essential part of any of the producer’s place. This is the one being used to isolate the listener or the user from the external noise. This is best for a person recording music.


Noise Cancelling Headphones

This is being used to lessen unwanted external noise. This is through the use of the active noise control. Though these headphones are expensive the price is worth it because the user or listener can concentrate more on their chosen sound or music.

Bass Headphones

The bass headphones can provide the pumping and unique sound of bass, which can make you feel like dancing. By the name itself this one is truly designed to increase the bass.

Sports Headphones

These headphones are great for physical activities and other sports. This has lighter weight and come to small sizes. It is better to ask the store if the headphones you are buying are great for sports because it should be comfortable and resistant to any body movement because it can be falling out of your ears anytime.

Clip on Headphones

These headphones are kind of perfect for walking and running because of its lightweight characteristic. This is also not too costly unlike the other headphones.

Surround Sound Headphones

This is really cool for home theaters due to the surround sound technology that it has. This has a higher cost because of its sophistication but will provide a great surround sound experience.

Traveler Headphones

These headphones are great for travelers. There are different styles you can buy for traveler headphones. But then the quality, size and weight are still there. Traveler can truly enjoy their adventures with this kind of headphone.

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