Different Types of Wood Drying Kilns

Kiln drying is when you dry the wood in chamber that is insulated and has air circulating over it. The most common end uses of wood require the bound water to be removed and to have the lowest possible moisture content. To be able to achieve this kind of dryness in wood in a short period or even in environments that are humid then it is a must to use a dry kiln for drying the wood. Most of the lumber that are commercially produced go through this process before it is manufactured into a finished product. Below are the different kind of low-temperature dry kilns that companies like www.kilnservices.co.uk would typically use.


Most operations of wood drying usually use pre-dryers in order for green wood to be dried. Green woods are typically dried in these pre-dryers until they reach a moisture content of at least twenty-five percent before they are dried in the dry kiln to achieve a lower moisture content. These types of dryers are normally called as one of the kiln with low temperature. Pre-drying the lumber has its own advantages. The lumber will be brighter, moisture content in the wood will be more or less the same, drying defects will be reduced and drying times will be reduced by at least one-third or maybe even more.

Another type of kiln with low temperature is the dehumidification dry kiln. Do not be deceived be deceived by the classification though because temperatures in this type of kiln can go up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of kiln can dry most of the wood species at their maximum rates for drying. If a company like www.kilnservices.co.uk/log-drying.htm uses this kind of kiln, then they can be assured of producing wood that has around five to six percent moisture content. In this type of kiln, vent is not longer required just like how steam kilns do not require them. But if you want to have extra control then you can certainly use vents which happens to be a good way to control the temperatures during the cycle of drying.


Woodworkers or hobbyists who want to dry wood in small quantities can turn to a relatively cheaper kind of kiln. And this type of kiln is no other than the solar dry kiln. How soon the drying process will be finished completely depends on the climate and you will need to have electricity in order to operate the kiln fans. The solar collector will provide the heat energy that is needed for the drying process. There are two ways to get rid of moisture for solar kiln. You can use vents or they can be condensed at night on the kiln’s coldĀ  collector. The good thing about solar drying kilns is that it provides lumber with high quality since the lumber’s gradient of the moisture can be equalized during the night as drying does not take place at this time. However, the duration of the drying times will vary and it can take quite some time too.